Plumbing Careers in the UK: A Pipeline to Success

On the hunt for a new career? Plumbing could be a great option if you’re looking for varied work days that you shouldn’t grow tired of, great wages and flexible working hours. You’d be joining a family of up to 150,000 other plumbers, saving the UK population from water-based problems every single day.

A change of career can be daunting and you may be looking for guarantees that this new life will be successful. However, providing assurances is next to impossible while the working world is as unpredictable as it is right now given external factors like the cost of living crisis.

So, while your success isn’t always promised, we can tell you why your chances may be higher in this profession compared to others. Read our in-depth guide below to understand why plumbers are needed and how you can kickstart your new career today.

Plumbers are in-demand

There is a huge demand for skilled plumbers in the UK for many reasons. The ageing infrastructure in this country means many are retiring and not enough new plumbers are coming into the industry and the need for sustainability improvements also requires more of these tradespeople.

A report from Rated People revealed that 50% of plumbers are expecting to be ‘very busy’ in 2023 too, which means there may be a huge amount of customers unable to get the plumbing services they need. These people could be serviced by you should you take up this profession.

More secure employment than other industries

The shortage of plumbers and huge demands for these professionals means job security is usually great, so long as you do the work properly.  This means you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your job, will have a consistent workflow and income stream for your peace of mind.

Variety of opportunities

The stereotypical plumber will fix issues in homes or fit new features but the job isn’t limited to just that. This example is what a residential plumber may do but you can also become a commercial or industrial plumber if you want to broaden your horizons.

Plumbers can specialise in certain industries too with renewable energy being a popular area to work in as a plumber in 2023.

Training and Apprenticeships

Becoming a plumber is no small feat and learning how to apply pipe sealants accurately or install a new water system requires proper training. Fortunately, there are plenty of training opportunities available with apprenticeships being a popular route to go down. These let you practice your skills while learning the ins and outs of plumbing in a classroom, which could accelerate your career faster.

As you can see, becoming a plumber opens your working world up to job security, plenty of unique opportunities and training make it easier to enter the industry. Take action today and help the UK fill the shortages for this profession.

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle