What To Expect After Bankruptcy

If you’re considering filing for protection under bankruptcy it’s important to understand the levels of protection that you will receive under bankruptcy law. When you’re filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. You might be concerned as to what will happen after the bankruptcy process is completed. Knowing if you’ll be able to rebuild your credit and the levels of protection that you qualify for can be important. Our team has 30 years of hands-on experience helping businesses and individuals with the process of filing for bankruptcy. We will provide you with support from professional attorneys each step of the way. At our offices, you’ll be able to schedule a free consultation. They can take you through each step of the bankruptcy process. We want to keep you in the know and make sure that you are able to resolve your problems with debt.

We built a strong reputation for protecting our clients and for offering the best solutions in the form of bankruptcy and debt support. As soon as you file for bankruptcy. You’ll receive a variety of protection from your creditors. The phone calls will stop and until your debt settlement is determined it’s unlikely that you’ll receive any type of harassment from your creditors. By establishing new patterns to pay on time or having your assets sold off by a trustee, to repay your debt, you will be able to develop a plan for the future.

There is life after bankruptcy. And even though a bankruptcy will appear on your financial records for a number of years after the process is carried out, you’ll likely be able to apply for credit products just a few short months after bankruptcy, and slowly rebuild your credit by following the process of your bankruptcy accordingly.

If you could use assistance with your bankruptcy procedure, contact us today in our service areas like Tallahassee, Panama City, and across the Florida Panhandle.

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Post Author: Jordyn Kyle