Traditional vs. Digital Marketing: Which is More Successful for Laundry Business Owners?

Digital marketing is the future, though it begs you to wonder, are traditional marketing strategies still effective? Or is it time to remove it altogether and change your current methods?

In the world we live in today, it sounds like the answer is yes, with the leading companies heavily invested in digital presence. But what about the smaller businesses, like local laundromats? Is this trend still true and are we focusing on a solely-digital future?

Well, what about both? We tackle what traditional and digital marketing strategies are.


About Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing refers to any kind of marketing outside the online world. This means anything broadcast, print, phone, outdoor advertising, direct mail, radio, newspapers, and more. For laundry businesses, this can mean investing in signages, high-quality commercial laundry parts from Laundry Replacement Parts, and more.

This is a major type of marketing that helps reach your targeted audience. As the name suggests, traditional marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, as well as the most researched. Marketers focus on this method as this is a tried and true method, with everyone encountering some form of traditional marketing daily.

This method plays a crucial role in reaching local audiences, as advertisements can be kept for long periods, particularly in physical forms. Moreover, you have an audience that’s easier to reach via traditional marketing compared to the digital way.


About Digital Marketing

On the other hand, digital marketing is all digital and online! This is the kind of marketing businesses will conduct online, like paid social media advertisements, email marketing, PPC advertising, and the like.

This method has become extremely popular because of the cultural, societal, and technological shifts in the world.

Promoted social media posts, influencer campaigns, and online videos are excellent examples of digital marketing and how huge they have become. With the world becoming more digital, the ways we market evolved. Digital marketing is sometimes more cost-effective compared to the traditional form and is a direct way to connect with your target audience around the world.

Digital marketing is necessary for today’s businesses as it’s become routine for customers to conduct research and transact online.

With that in mind, which is the better route?

Instead of asking which is better, why not ask if they work together? Traditional and digital marketing work amazingly together. For instance, if you invested in quality dexter laundry parts, you can promote this on your physical signs outside your storefront, as well as promote it online.

Combine one to heighten the effectivity of the other and vice versa. Sure, they say that traditional marketing is dying and digital marketing should be more focused on, but remember, you can still benefit from traditional efforts with your target audience, especially within your local community.


Wrapping It Up

Traditional is no better than digital and vice versa, because both can go well together and set your laundry business up for success when done right!

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle