Towns in Chonburi Province to Live as an Expat

Chonburi province is a great place to consider living in Thailand. It has miles of topical coastline, top universities and international schools, and boasts a number of cute Thai towns and villages.

Among the most popular places to live in Chonburi province are the following towns and cities:

  1. Bang Saen is very well known to the Thais but less so to foreigners. One of the reasons for this is that Bang Saen has a number of Thailand’s top universities outside Bangkok. Bang Saen’s Burapha University offers a range of under-graduate and postgraduate courses, including over 50-degree programs, over 70 Masters courses and over 20 PhD programs. It is a great place to live for foreign students, and even families looking to buy property. You could easily find land or property for a single storey house project if Chonburi (celled บ้านชั้นเดียวชลบุรีโครงการใหม่ in Thai) was your province of choice.
  2. Si Racha is another town in Chonburi that is world famous. The name Siracha became popular after the rise to fame of the hot sauce with the same name. Sriracha is a small town in Chonburi province that contains all the modern amenities one could require. About an hour from Bangkok city center by car, Sriracha is roughly halfway between Bangkok and Pattaya. From Siracha you can get the speed boat or ferry to Koh Si Chang easily and quickly, if you want a slice of island life without having to travel far.
  3. Pattaya, Thailand’s Sin City is the most well-known city in Chon Buri province. Pattaya is one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations, a Mecca for party people of all nationalities. Pattaya’s Walking Street is a cauldron of partying, food and all-round excitement. Aside from the city center, the suburbs and outskirts of Pattaya offer expats an excellent choice of places to live. There is a great choice of ‘moo bans’ (gated villages) within 10 minutes’ drive of Pattaya city center that offer safety, security, space and great value for money. Additionally, with so many western tourists, Pattaya has developed quite a restaurant scene. The international food scene in central Pattaya rivals even that of central Bangkok, with an assortment of American, European and Asian restaurants to choose from.
  1. Chonburi province really does offer something for everyone. There are tropical islands within an hour’s drive of the provincial capital, and Bangkok and Pattaya are close by. There are forests and jungles to explore inland, and the road system is pretty good all-around the province.

If you spend time searching thoroughly, you will be sure to find a location to suit your needs.

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle