Tips to Choose A Reliable FX And CFD Brokerage Platform

Modern and advanced technology has contributed to multiple financial developments. It has even popularized the FX and CFD trading activities because of accessibility and comfort. If you want to invest in CFD trading, then there will be a need for choosing an online brokerage platform.

ADSS is a brokerage platform that offers a free demo account, educational materials, and a user-friendly trading platform, which is the need for a beginner. For professionals, the platform offers comprehensive trading tools, high leverage, and low spreads. It doesn’t matter if you are a day trader or scalpers visit their website to get an idea of the package they offer.

Essential to consider while choosing a reliable FX and CFD brokerage platform


All trading platforms are not alike. There are many fake brokers, who aim to take away your hard-earned funds. Choose a regulated brokerage platform. It assures that the operating standards of the platform are governed by a regulatory body. The platform has sufficient capital and set apart accounts to protect their customer’s investment.

Besides, regulated brokerage platforms offer protection against potential insolvency issues. There are several countries like India, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, the USA, Japan, and the UK with financial regulatory agencies. They ensure that the regulatory standards are adhered to stringently.

Trading solutions and software

The trading platform is a gateway to the FX trading market. Brokers offer 3rd party trading software like MT4 or develop their proprietary trading platform to gain an edge. Traders can trade from their smartphones or desktop, so a good broker offers options. It is surveyed that 85% of brokers use the MT4 platform, so the possibility that you may use this platform is high.

Extra features

Check if they come with –

  • An extensive list of technical indicators
  • Comprehensive package
  • One-click trading
  • Risk management tools [trailing stops & stop-loss order]

These seem trivial in the start but play an important role in offering a productive and smooth trading experience. Nevertheless, the majority of brokerage platforms will offer the common basic features. Look for a brokerage platform like ADSS that allows BitCoin TradingYou even get to open a free demo account to try the available features and tools before entering a live FX position.

Commission & spreads

Unlike traditional financial markets that operate majorly on spreads, CFDs run on commission. Therefore, you will see the broker’s advertisement reading commission-free services. You may be wondering how brokers make money?

Brokers earn money from a spread. It is the difference between buying and selling price. For instance, for JPN/USD currencies pairs the bid & ask price is 1.0674/1.068, which means the spread is 4 pips. The trader will need to choose between –

  • Fixed spread
  • Floating or variable spread
  • Commission fee

A fixed spread is the preferred choice of traders looking for certainty. Traders with a desire for paying small spreads prefer floating spreads. The kind you choose is subjective to your trading style.

Customer support

Reliable customer support is critical because there are times when you will experience issues. Good customer support means efficient problem solving as soon as possible. Problems can be related to withdrawals, deposits, incorrect trade execution, and more. Besides, multiple options are made available to reach the customer support staff including email, phone, or chat.

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle