Think You Have A Nursing Home Neglect Case? Look For Lawyers Now!

Nursing homes for the elderly are expected to be compassionate and careful. When you decide to send an aging parent, or someone you love, to a nursing home, you are placing your trust. Unfortunately, studies reveal that majority of nursing home residents have either suffered negligent behavior, or may have witnessed it. If you think that your loved one has been mistreated, you can decide to file a case. The first step is to hire a nursing home neglect lawyer.

Knowing the complications

Filing case against a particular nursing home may not be easy. There are certain tell-a-tale signs of nursing home neglect, such as lack of medical care in emergency, bruises and unexplained injuries, bed sores, and change in behavior of the resident. To prove the case, certain things must be established. Firstly, the nursing home owed a duty of care to the victim and has breached the same. The breach has led to suffering or harm to the victim. Causation in such cases can be pretty simple in some cases. For instance, if you find that your loved one has malnutrition beyond reason, it is a case of neglect. However, in other cases, things can be complicated. Same this situation – Your elderly parent needed medical attention, and no doctor was available on time. In such cases, the nursing home can be held liable.

Working with a lawyer

Since nursing home neglect cases are hard to prove, action must be taken as quickly as possible. In Florida, such cases must be filed within four years of the incident, or from the date plaintiff discovered the injury. If you think there is a medical malpractice case, claims must be filed within a period of two years. Your lawyer is the best person to guide you in such cases, because sometimes, matters may be complicated, and the chances of getting a fair compensation may be dim. In certain matters, justice may be more important to the family of the person who has suffered abuse, so that a nursing home doesn’t do the same to others.

Things to know

Not all nursing home neglect lawyers are same, so ask questions and make sure that the lawyer has time and expertise for your case. Also, figure out the possible expenses that must be incurred, and the cost of hiring the concerned lawyer. As long as you act swiftly against the nursing home, you are likely to get justice for an elderly parent, who is unable to fight for themselves.

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle