The Consequences of Filing a Protective Order during a Custody Battle in Virginia

When the conflicts between the parents end through a divorce, their children face strains of complex custodial issues. Some parents work together to reach a custody agreement while others may bring disagreements. These disagreements may turn threatening or violent. Your safety becomes a concern due to family violence, an experienced family law attorney of Virginia will be helpful to defend you.

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What Is a Protective Order?

A Virginia judge issues a protective order to protect an individual from domestic or family violence or the threat. Any act of violence, sexual assault, or a threat to life can bring protective order to act for protecting individuals in live-in relations and marriages. A protective order adversely affects a child custody award.

In matters of family violence or where a partner fears for the safety of their children or themselves, a protective order can address these concerns. However, some Virginia protective orders can also be false accusations to get an unfair advantage during a divorce. It can also be filed to make other parents suffer for no reason.

A protective order can also shield your child against emotional abuse like physical violence, dominating behavior, and verbal abuse.

How Can a Protective Order Impact a Custody Battle?

In Virginia, a protective order keeps the other parent at bay, away from their partner, their children, and other family members of their home. It may also order the respondent not to go near certain places like the workplace and school. It also restrains the respondent from keeping any physical or digital contact with the petitioner (other parents) and the children.

When a parent gets protective order against the other parent, the accused parent does not lose the right to see their child. In case they share physical custody of the child, it may impact the way the child custody is transferred. A protective order issued on behalf of child abuse may terminate the current custody status of the respondent and the child custody gets transferred to the petitioner.

During protective order in Virginia, it is better to respect the order, gather evidence of your innocence, and appear in the court to prove yourself and get the right to meet your children.

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle