That Moment You Are Cocooned in Your RV

I have a confession to make – I do not camp anymore. I used to do it all the time, from my early childhood all the way through my twenties. Then life hit and I decided that pitching tents and cooking over a campfire was no longer my cup of tea. If I do any camping these days, it’s in an RV.

I know. Some of you don’t consider RV camping ‘real’ camping, but that’s okay. I’ve reached a point in my life at which I’m happy to define terms and live life my own way. And when it comes to camping, there’s nothing quite like that moment you realize you are cocooned in your RV. That is the moment you realize you are safe, warm, and comfortable.

Winter Camping Was Cold

I remember winter camping as a kid. I would find my spot on the ground, clear the snow, and set up my tent. Then I would spread straw or hay on the floor for insulation. My sleeping bag would go on top of that, and I was ready to go. Despite all of my skills as a veteran camper and Boy Scout, I never could get warm on winter camping trips. I was always cold.

These days, RVs offer built-in heating. Setting up and staying warm is a lot easier. You just install your AirSkirts RV skirting, make sure all your windows are closed and sealed tightly, and shut yourself inside. You stay toasty warm while the tent campers are left to shiver.

Rain Was a Drag, Too

Winter camping was something I only did as a Boy Scout. It only lasted a few years. But from my earliest days, I would camp with my family every year, three times per year. We would go once around Memorial Day, again during the summer, and take one final trip in the fall. One thing that was consistent in all three seasons was rain. And it was a drag.

Rain limits what you can do when you’re camping. And even if it didn’t, you spend all your time trying to stay dry. That’s not easy when your housing is a nylon tent with a canvas canopy over the top of it. Persistent rain over a couple of days almost always prevails. You find yourself wet and cold in the end. And everything that isn’t wet is at least damp.

Camping in a modern RV is so much nicer during rainy weather. RV skirting keeps the dampness away, even as the rain makes that comforting, pitter patter sound on the roof. Meanwhile, you can sit inside your rig and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Put a game on the television or break out a deck of cards. You will stay warm and dry.

Holed Up in a Snowstorm

It is hard to describe the feeling you get when you are safely cocooned in an RV. If you live in the north and are familiar with snowstorms, it’s a lot like the feeling you get holed up in your house while old man winter is outside doing his thing. There’s this strange pleasure in knowing that you are safe and warm.

I am by no means an RV enthusiast due to health problems that prevent me from spending time on the road. However, I have done it enough to understand what it feels like to be cocooned inside. Maybe that’s one of the things that makes the lifestyle so appealing to so many people. That feeling represents a unique experience that is hard to achieve any other way.

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle