Sustainable Travel: What is it & How Can it Benefit My Child?

The environmental issues we are all facing will not simply go away and we have a duty to prepare the next generations for their key role in dealing with climate change and other important ecological issues. Enter sustainable travel; educational tours that helps students connect with Mother Nature, which are designed by a global provider of such study tours.

Climate Positive Education Tours

Even a premium sports tour to Europe can be integrated into a climate positive setting by doing the following:

  • Measuring the carbon footprint of the entire trip.
  • Looking for ways to reduce emissions.
  • Plant at least 5 trees per participant (including staff).
  • Taking part in Gold Certified environmental projects.

There are many tour packages so there will be at least one that your son or daughter is passionate about and you can choose between domestic (within Australia) or abroad, with programs in every continent. Your child might like to spend some time working on a green farm, where they can see and experience first-hand the issues that farmers are facing.

Develop Sporting Talents

If your teenage son loves soccer, why not enroll him in one of the special sports travel packages that combine football training with sightseeing. Youngsters need challenges in their lives and a dedicated team of course creators work hard to provide suitable challenges for the students, bringing out their leadership skills and helping them to reach their full potential.


If your son/daughter is always glued to their digital screen, perhaps this is the time to enrol them in a farming project and they can connect with nature. It is only with a solid understanding of how nature works that a young person can make sense of the current climate change problems we are all facing. Such a trip might spark something within your child and with a passion in life, they have something tangible to aim for.

Critical Thinking Skills Development

Sustainable study travel tours are not about doing everything for the kids, rather the students have roles and responsibilities and working together is a must. Each travel group has several facilitators and their job is to guide the students, allowing a lot of freedom and responsibility, while a structured course is delivered by experts who know how to bond with the students.

If you would like to learn more about sustainable travel courses, Google can find the website of Australia’s leading operator and you can browse their many programs.

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle