Stickers – A Powerful Marketing Tool for Any Business

Many people don’t understand the benefits of using stickers for their business. They have no idea what to do with them and they often think they stickers are only for kids products and services. What they don’t know is that stickers are a strong marketing tool, and they should be a part of every business marketing campaign.

Effective Labels for Packaging

If you sell your products in packaging like most companies, you’ll need to use effective labels to attract customers. It is one of the primary things your business will be judged on when people see your product or service. If you’ve invested in quality labels, it elevates your business to new heights. First impressions are important in business and if you use a poor-quality label on your products, you’ll be harshly judged.

Free Logo Stickers

The easiest way to promote your business using stickers is to contact a sticker shop in Lat Phrao (called ร้านสติ๊กเกอร์ลาดพร้าว in Thai) and have them make up a batch of customised products with your name and logo all over them. Everyone loves to get something for nothing, so why not hand out stickers at events, festivals, and trade shows? Most people throw away flyers or business cards, but if they are handed a sticker, they tend to stick it somewhere it can be seen.

Window Stickers

You can design custom made window stickers that people can put in cars and other places. If you’ve got a physical store that uses a shop window, why not work on something catchy with a professional sicker company and use it to attract clients? You’ve got the perfect location to advertise your products and services, so make good use of it.


You can use stickers to advertise your brand on all kinds of equipment. For example, if you are a sports company who sells goods to customers, give out free stickers with every purchase and let the clients choose where they’d like to stick them. You’ll find your custom stickers on helmets, bicycles, laptops, bags and more. This works like a portable mini advertisement for your brand.

Stickers can be used in all kinds of ways to promote your product or service and raise awareness of your brand. As you can see, custom stickers are still useful for all kinds of situations. They are great to give out as a free gift or in free packages at events. Just be creative and you’ll find many ways to take advantage of stickers.

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle