Some Of The Different Massage Options When Visiting Thailand

You will notice that when you visit Thailand for the first time and wander around the streets, plenty of places offer massages. There are various types of massages available that can leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed when you experience them. If you have not had many massages before, you may not know the differences between them, so below are some of the best massages to look out for when visiting Thailand.

A Traditional Thai Massage

If you are going to try a massage in Thailand for the first time, you may wish to start with a traditional Thai massage. Thai massage is heavily influenced by Chinese and Indian healing techniques and uses stretching and pressure points. There is no oil with this type of massage, and it can be highly intense, and you may feel sore for a day or two afterwards. However, it can do wonders when you have some issues, and once the initial discomfort wears off, it will have you going back for more.

An Aromatic Stone Massage

You may also wish to try an aromatic hot stone massage, which is excellent for getting deep into the muscles. A combination of hot stones and oil is used to massage the deep tissue of the muscles, which will leave you feeling fresh and relaxed when you finish. The massage will help release tension, promote circulation, and create a positive energy flow in your body.

A Relaxing Foot Massage

It is also highly recommended to try a foot massage if you have never had one before. It is perfect if you have been travelling for a while and can help reduce tension in your legs and feet and uses reflexology to work on different parts of your body. There are pressure points in your feet which practitioners of reflexology focus on to promote health, and it can help improve your circulation and combat pain.

An Aromatic Oil Massage

You may also wish to try an aromatic oil massage which will help get rid of any stress and anxiety you experience with travelling. The warm oil is rubbed into your skin and pressure applied to your muscles, which will leave you feeling rejuvenated after you finish. Each massage parlour uses a different mixture of oils, but they all have a similar effect. By the time you have finished your warm oil massage, it will leave you in a state of bliss and ready to explore everything the Land of Smiles has to offer.

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle