Should You Hire An Attorney For an Uncontested Divorce In Virginia?  

The state of Virginia allows couples to file for an uncontested divorce. The whole purpose of an uncontested divorce is to simplify the divorce proceedings. If you and your spouse agree to most terms of separation and have decided on how to divide things like child custody, child support, assets and debts, you can consider uncontested divorce. This brings us to the question – Should you hire one of the uncontested divorce lawyers in Yorktown for the procedure? Having legal help on your side can be hugely advantageous. In this post, we are discussing more on why divorce lawyers are necessary.

Get Things Done

There is a due process that must be followed to file for an uncontested divorce in Virginia. Basically, you are asking the court to hear your plea through an affidavit and not a hearing. Other documents related to disposition, waivers and pleading must be submitted, and if you had changed your name after marriage, you may want to do the paperwork for restoration of your pre-marriage name, too.

All that paperwork can take a considerable amount of time & effort, and while there are numerous sites that recommend DIY steps, a lawyer can just ease the process entirely. Attorneys and law firms have the necessary experience of handling uncontested divorces in the State, and they will ensure that everything is done as smoothly as possible.

Is Consultation Necessary?

In many cases, spouses agree on uncontested divorce often not knowing the consequences of saying a ‘yes’. For instance, if your spouse says that you don’t have rights to the house because you didn’t live there for long, it is a false statement and doesn’t hold value in your case. Protecting your interests should be your first goal, and that’s the precise reason why both spouses need to have individual attorneys in case of uncontested divorces. You may want to know if the terms of the agreement are actually in your favor and whether you are making a mistake in certain aspects.

Yes, hiring uncontested divorce lawyers comes with a nominal cost, but if you think of the things that they do for you and the advantages they offer, the price is not much. In any case, the cost of engaging a lawyer for an uncontested divorce doesn’t have to be high, and you can expect to get a free consultation session, too. Check online to find the best attorneys with experience of handling uncontested divorces in Virginia.

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle