On Road Heavy Duty Vehicles- Campus Trailers

Camping Re-imagined

The campus trailer is the most innovative camping solution offered to a customer in this modern era. Most of the models are made keeping in mind many factors such as durability, functionality, convenience and above all the comfort of the customer. The price range of the types of camper trailers for sale is available online; however, one can visit a showroom for a full trial and satisfaction of the vehicle. Every company has a unique name and type for their campus trailers on sale. Some of them have been listed below:

The Breakaway Ultra Camper Trailer

It is a compact campus trailer that does not weigh heavy as the other vehicles. It is a rare combination of luxury and convenience with functionality and durability. It is easy to set up a Breakaway Ultra quickly at the destination of the customer’s choice. It can accommodate up to two adults.

The Icon Hypercamper

It is a fairly compact vehicle that has been designed to reduce the size of the trailer. However, the functionality remains the same and the inner space utilized fully. It is a perfect value for money option with an iconic embodiment. It can accommodate up to 4 adults.

Reconn R2 Hypercamper

It has a tough and rugged exterior. It has been designed cleverly with the modern innovative techniques. It is one of the best options with regards to the durability, comfort and convenience at an adventure that the customer embarks upon. It can accommodate up to 4 adults.

Reconn R4 Hypercamper

It has an innovative tough exterior with outstanding inclusions but a sleek design. It is an ideal choice for the ultimate outdoor thrill seeker. It can accommodate up to 4 adults.


One of the luxurious and feature packed campus trailers is the Stylecraft. It serves as the perfect off road Hypercamper. It is an ideal choice for couples and family adventures wherein the comfort of home is kept in mind while driving through the rugged terrains. It sleeps up to 5 adults.

Home away from Home

With the advent of campus trailers, camping has become easy for the customers wherein they can discover the world around them without having to leave the luxury of their home. Along with campus trailers, hybrid caravans have also come out to be a popular choice amongst the buyers. These companies go through a rigorous process of Research and Development to offer the best camping trailers to their customers.

Camping made Ezy

Ezytrail Camper Trailersoffer the best designed campus trailers in Australia, designed for comfort and reliability, no matter which terrain they wheel on. They are the leading designers especially for the campus trailers that are bought by families. For those adventure seekers who plan a holiday on every school vacation, these campus trailers are the ideal budget friendly choice. Their campus trailers have been made keeping every aspect of a family need in mind that they almost seem like they are customized just for the client’s needs!


Post Author: Jordyn Kyle