How To Reduce The Risk Of Cybersecurity Breaches To Limit Malware Spread

Many companies expose their vulnerability to cyberattacks by not adopting cybersecurity techniques that adhere to GRC rules. The basic issue is not giving enough attention to the factors that lead to hacking and its devastating impact. A single malware attack can rip apart a company in a way that it may never recover. Clearly, one side of the coin is irresponsible behavior from the users’ end. However, there’s another side as well. Sometimes users do pay attention and adopt techniques, but they still fail to protect their systems from hackers. Some of the reasons behind such failure include the following.

  • The cybersecurity techniques aren’t managed and regulated properly after they are implemented.
  • Unethical hackers launch malware variants that are tougher to detect than the previous versions.
  • Ransomware malware is complicated and it will continue to threaten the economy in the coming years as well.
  • Cloud storage infrastructure from different companies is difficult to manage. There’s no guarantee that all manufacturers will vigilantly look after their products and identify vulnerabilities and patch them. Thus, refrain from using multiple cloud networks and focus on one. That’ll be easier to monitor as well as manage.

The above-listed factors are the reasons why companies fail to protect their assets. That being said, there are ways to reverse the situation and strengthen the cybersecurity of your company. The guide to doing so is listed below.

  • Keep every single IoT device in a network behind a firewall and every system should have an antivirus too. These security layers warn you against forced entry attempts and block the direct passage between the hackers and your system. What’s needed at your end is to update these security filters so that they do not fester malware-infected bugs.
  • Locate ethical hackers by running bug bounty programs. These skilled hackers use their knowledge to find out and eliminate serious bugs to protect your network from cyber thieves.
  • Use network segmentation technique to ensure you have many independent networks to store sensitive information instead of just 1 network. In this case, the damage due to malware attack can be limited.
  • Use only secure wifi networks to access your system. Cyberpunks can easily use routers to spread malware. Which is why you shouldn’t use an open wifi network when traveling. Use a VPN only.
  • Try implementing the MFA (multi-factor authentication) technique whenever you can. It complicates the process of gaining access to a system.

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle