MasterCard Is Now Splitit’s Payment Partner

Splitit Payments Ltd., a global payment-services provider, has partnered with MasterCard. If you want to know what to expect from this partnership and see who can help you with Fidelity Payments, you’re on the right page. Just keep on reading the lines below.

Splitit & MasterCard: Interested in Fidelity Payments?

Splitit has recently announced its partnership with MasterCard Inc. The multilayer agreement between these 2 companies aims to make the adoption of Splitit’s installment-payment solutions for online merchants faster.

Splitit plans to use the MasterCard’s network of partners to help consumers and merchants with more extended and scalable installment functionality. The company’s installment solution will be integrated with MasterCard’s technology to help merchants deliver more seamless and safer in-store/online consumer experiences at checkout.

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What to Expect From Splitit-MasterCard Cooperation

Splitit’s CEO Brad Paterson notes that this is an amazing opportunity to distribute their solution more widely. Thanks to Splitit, customers can pay for purchases via their debit/credit card by dividing the cost into monthly payments that don’t charge interests and fees. Initially, the programs will become available in 3 markets before going globally.

The partnership between these companies aims to:

  • Connect with merchants across MasterCard’s network of 210 countries and areas
  • Such cooperation will help merchants generate higher transaction volumes and offer budget-related solutions whenever consumers need them
  • Develop a variety of installment services
  • Jointly build installment and related products

So, Splitit Payments Ltd has recently announced its multi-year agreement with payments giant MasterCard Incorporated. The partnership between these 2 companies aims to make the adoption of Splitit’s installment services globally faster.

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