Delayed Injuries After A Car Collision

ot of times, the victims of car accidents do not experience extreme or immediate symptoms of their injuries. The injuries may be delayed. The adrenaline rush after the accident prevents the victim from experiencing the full extent of the damage, and they may not have the complete realization of the injuries. It may take a few days or even weeks to experience the signs of some injuries and illnesses caused by the accident. They may not be immediately obvious but can have long-term complications. 

Getting a professional medical examination after the crash is crucial so that your health can be assessed, and it gets easier to seek compensation with the help of a Tacoma car accident attorney

Here are some of the commonly observed delayed injuries caused by car accidents.

  • Neck and shoulder injury

Strains or tears can be caused in the tendons and muscles present in the neck and shoulder area. This is because they are subjected to stretching due to the back-and-forth movement during the car accident. Whiplashes are generally observed in a lot of call accident victims. They suffer from pain in the neck, stiffness, persistent headaches, blurry vision, etc. 

  • Traumatic brain injuries

A car accident can lead to harsh jolting or shaking of the head. Many victims tend to bump into hard objects or face penetration inside their skulls and beans, which results in traumatic brain injuries. There is a great risk of TBI, even in minor crashes involving rear-end accidents. Traumatic brain injuries impact vision, mobilization, memory, concentrating power, etc. The victim may face long-term complications because of it. Make sure you hire a car accident lawyer american fork at the earliest who can assist you with all legal and financial formalities.

  • Herniated discs

The herniated disc takes place when the cushion inside the spinal cord discs gets ruptured. The rupturing of the jelly-like structure causes a lot of pressure on their nerves, resulting in pain, loss of sensation, and limited muscle movement and control. The victims may face difficulties in moving their legs and arms. 

  • Knee injury

The victims of car accidents experience a lot of issues after the crash. It May get severely injured after getting slammed into the dashboard or other objects during the crash. The kneecaps can get shattered or strained. There is also a great risk of muscles and tendons tearing due to the impact. This causes difficulties and pain in walking and moving the leg. 

  • Psychological issues 

Car accidents are severely traumatizing and can negatively affect the victim’s mental and emotional health. They may get depressed or have other psychological issues like anxiety, etc., due to the accident. 

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle