Best platforms to pay Vodafone bill online

Are you having difficulty paying bills online? The truth is, a lot of people do. Digital platforms are becoming common these days but there are a lot of people who do not know how to make the full use of their smartphones. Well, now you can. All you need is a connection to the Internet. You need not venture out of your home just for Vodafone bill pay. Vodafone bill payments can be made nowadays on multiple platforms – digital wallets, UPI payment apps, net banking platforms. Let us see where and how you can make these payments.

Airtel Payments Bank

The most suitable place for Vodafone Bill Pay is the Airtel Payments Bank platform. You will find all the options laid down clearly at the top of the page. Since you are trying to pay bills for your postpaid connection, click on the Postpaid tab. You will be prompted to enter your number on the left-hand side of the page. As soon as you enter your number, you can find your bill details and you can proceed to payment. Make sure that you are logged in to the platform to take advantage of the cashback offers.


Paytm is the second choice in this regard. This app is also quite useful for making bill payments. Below the tab on the top, you will find the first option which says “Recharge & pay Bills”. If you click on it, it will open up like a folder. Here the first option would be Prepaid/Postpaid. Since you want to opt for Vodafone Bill Pay, you need to click on this. You need to choose the postpaid option on the top and enter your number. You will be able to fetch your bill details. Once you are done, you can make payments through UPI, Paytm wallet, and debit or credit cards.


Another suitable choice in this regard is the PhonePe app. The PhonePe app is a dedicated UPI transaction app. The platform became famous as it allowed money transfer between peers through Virtual Payment Addresses (VPAs). You will find a “Recharge & pay Bills” section when you scroll downwards on the Home tab. You can pay your Vodafone bills under the Postpaid section. As you put in the number, you will get your bill, and you can pay for it. Paying bills through UPI is very simple and practical in today’s scenario.

Google Pay or Amazon Pay

Another UPI payment app that will be instrumental in paying your bills is the Google Pay app. The Amazon Pay is also quite useful if you are a regular Amazon customer. These UPI payment apps are quite useful and offer good deals sometimes.

These are some of the best platforms where you can pay your Vodafone bills and airtel bill pay and others. Even though all of these platforms have proved very useful, the Airtel Payments Bank is offering better cashback offers compared to others at the moment. Creating an account here can prove healthier for your wallet.

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle