Are There Benefits to Using Glass Beads for Blasting Projects?

Blasting is a typical finishing technique in which several media types are blasted at an item rapidly to polish or clean it. Initially, the word sandblasting was used and just sand was employed, but new forms of media became prominent as time passed.

There is no genuine optimal type of blasting media; each type has a number of advantages. The choice of which one to employ is determined by how well it matches the function being performed at your business’s facility.

However, in some areas, there are regulations in place that prohibit companies from using silica sand, mainly because of the health concerns associated with it. Rather than use silica sand for blasting, many companies are turning to glass beads because they are cost-effective and a safe and viable option.

Ideal for Sensitive Surfaces

The glass bead is a type of abrasive media that is widely used in blast cleaning. Based on the size of the shot and how it is used, it can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing, smooth finish, prepare surfaces for non-destructive testing blasting, or to provide a clean surface free of corrosion or contamination, all without having a significant impact on the shape or harming the surface that is being treated.

Doesn’t React with Other Chemicals

Because the glass bead is chemically inert, the method may be used safely with other materials without fear of a reaction occurring between the two components. As a result, glass bead blasting in Perth provides a dependable and adaptable option for numerous industrial applications.


Glass beads are non-silica-containing, making them a safer choice for blasting personnel when compared to silica sand. In the case of bead blasting, worries about long-term health impacts, particularly on the pulmonary system, are less likely to arise. Nevertheless, it is critical that the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn to guarantee that the operators are sufficiently protected.

Environmentally Friendly

Being able to reuse blast media is a significant approach to minimise expenses while also contributing to environmental protection.

In most cases, glass beads may be recycled up to six times, depending on the client’s consent, before their efficacy begins to deteriorate, reducing the need to replace the media after each surface treatment and reducing the quantity of trash created. The beads are often made from recycled glass and are non-toxic, which helps to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle