4 Ways a Litigation Lawyer Can Help You

If you’ve landed in the unfortunate situation of needing to lodge a dispute or protect yourself against one, hiring a litigation lawyer is imperative to achieving the best outcome. If you’re not prepared, litigation can be a long, complicated and expensive process. Litigation lawyers in Sydney can help individuals and small business owners navigate this process by advocating on their behalf. Litigation lawyers handle a wide variety of disputes and help their clients in more ways than one. Here are a few situations where a litigation lawyer can help you.

H2: You’ve Just Had a Dispute Filed Against You

This is a situation that nobody wants to find themselves in. If you’ve been named as a defendant in a dispute, even if you’re not responsible for the grievance, you shouldn’t delay in hiring a litigation lawyer.

Unless you have a robust knowledge of the law or even possess a law degree yourself, under no circumstances should you attempt to defend against a dispute yourself. At best, you’ll drag out an already long and difficult process that is unlikely to resolve in your favour. At worst, you’ll end up being implicated in a dispute you might not have even been responsible for.

H2: You’ve Just Been Wrongfully Dismissed from Your Job

Australian law protects employees from being unfairly terminated from their jobs. An unfair dismissal occurs when an employer dismisses an employee in an unfair or unjustified manner. Even if the employer has grounds for the dismissal, failure to adhere to established procedures can still result in unfair dismissal being claimed.

Litigation Lawyers in Sydney can handle disputes from a variety of areas and industries, so if you think you’ve been wrongfully terminated from your job, their advice and representation can be an invaluable resource.

H2: You’re a Tenant or Landlord Wanting to Lodge a Lease Dispute

Whether you’re a tenant being unfairly evicted from your home despite having a lease agreement or a landlord wanting to evict an unruly tenant, it can be difficult and stressful to know exactly what your rights are in this situation and how to proceed with legal action.

Thankfully, with the help of a good litigation lawyer, lease disputes can often be settled efficiently and at minimal cost to both parties. Getting appropriate legal advice is the best way to reach an amicable solution.

H2: A Shareholder in Your Business Has Gone Astray

Among the many heartbreaks that can occur in the business world, perhaps none are as emotionally taxing and financially draining as when you must lodge a dispute against one of your shareholders.

In the best circumstances, this will simply come about because one or multiple parties in the business have chosen to move on to pursue other opportunities and they need advice to make the break as clean as possible. Quite often though, these disputes arise due to shareholders going astray, meaning they’re using company funds inappropriately or just not acting in the best interests of all parties involved.

Thankfully, being one of the business capitals of the world, litigation lawyers in Sydney are well versed and experienced in handling shareholder disputes. It’s recommended to seek advice as soon as possible if you notice abnormal activity from a company shareholder.

Post Author: Jordyn Kyle